Infrastructure Monitoring

24 /072022

Infrastructure Monitoring

Full-stack Monitoring and Analytics

Nothing Stays Unmonitored

Motadata AIOps provides extensive data collection capabilities both with the agent and agent-less methods across your on-premise, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure.

  • Access monitoring apps for thousands of devices and technologies across your network, server, application, and cloud layer.
  • Collect everything with an agent or agent-less collection including metrics, logs, events, traffic, and streaming data.
  • Eliminate point monitoring tools by bringing all your monitoring data to one place to gain deep visibility.

Faster Deployment and Auto Configuration

With auto-discovery and pre-defined monitoring apps, your hybrid infra resources are seamlessly added to Motadata AIOps in real-time.

  • Topology Views: See continuously changing IT relationships based on discovery protocols and even network traffic conversations.
  • Dashboards & Reports: Comprehensive visualization and dashboard capabilities that take your monitoring experience to the next level that requires no query language.
  • Advance Data Explorers: Advanced and AI-Driven data explorers help you understand data and track the impact of every metric/process running in your stack.

The Right Signals

DevOps and IT teams need the right event context to confidently identify the critical and the not-so-critical issues

  • Machine learning-powered alerting gives capabilities to extract meaningful insight to separate signals from noise.
  • Real-time scanning for auto-discovery and dependency mapping to correlate IT service dependencies.
  • Low-level data collection on agents – as low as per second for rapid identification and resolution.




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