Motadata ITAM

27 /072022

Motadata ITAM

Track and maintain accurate information of all your IT and Non-IT assets and visualize them on a dashboard with robust asset inventory.

- Automatically find and track all your IT assets

- Manage and visualize asset dependencies

- Manage all aspects of HAM and SAM including licenses and contracts

- Create reports to track asset usage information

With ITIL Modules

Engage in full asset life-cycle management using ITIL processes from purchase till retirement.

- Capture incidents and relate them with assets for deeper analysis.

- Make changes to assets less chaotic with change management

- Troubleshoot your IT assets with problem management

- Create and maintain financial records of every asset

Asset Purchases

Maintain a true picture of your asset inventory and make data-driven purchase decisions to save costs.

- Create asset POs against an incident/request

- Maintain a list of preferred vendors

- Track financial details like depreciation of an asset

- Manage contract details and alerts on expiry

Asset Compliance

Control expenditure and avoid penalties by keeping a watch on to-be expired contracts and prohibiting unauthorized software to be run.

- Track utilization of all your software licenses

- Set alerts on asset changes according to a baseline

- Create usage reports of your assets

- Prohibit certain software from your infrastructure

Asset Inventory management

Maintain accuracy of your asset inventory by reducing manual interventions by automating updates based on events.

- Easily create workflows using a visual builder

- Create workflows to update asset inventory based on events

- Set multiple actions based on events

- Create multi-level workflows for advanced automation




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  • 0242.2371.888

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