Motadata Network Automation

25 /072022

Motadata Network Automation

AI-Driven Network Automation

configuration management to deploy configurations, reports, detect out-of-process changes, audits and backups.

  • AI-Driven Configuration: Configure your network with AI-Driven Network Automation, making your network smarter and healthier than ever.
  • Automated Configuration for Change, Backup & Restore: Simplify recurring complex configuration changes instead of manually executing multiple devices.
  • Advanced Remediation with Runbook: The python integration makes Runbook remediation advanced and empowering with monitoring and troubleshooting capacities.


An Intelligent Alert System

Stay alert all the time with a smart alert system. Stay one step ahead and resolve the problems even before they cause any damage.

  • Change Monitoring & Management: Stay up to date on configuration changes with alerts and view the changes made. Leverage role-based access for complete control on who can make changes to devices & configurations.
  • Audit: Configure the audit logs and get powerful actionable insights with audit reports.
  • Notification: The tool notifies whenever there is a change in the device configuration, thereby helping you quickly replace a failed element.

More Security than Ever

Locate a backup file quickly in need of the hour by simplifying processes like highlighting configuration errors, scheduling regular backups, & archives executing scripts.

  • Network Security & Compliance: Improve overall network security by easily identifying vulnerabilities with a vulnerability assessment. Assess and enforce compliance with critical security standards using OOB reports for FISMA, PCI DSS, etc.
  • Seamless Integration: Pre-integrated support for well-known network device vendors like Cisco, HP, Juniper, D-Link, Brocade & more.
  • Configuration History and Comparison: Maintain an entire configuration history of devices. Users can compare device configurations to ensure compliance and standardization.




  • HQ: 105 Trường Chinh Str, Thanh Xuan, HN | HCM Branch: 71/13 , No. 4 road, Linh Tay Ward, Thu Duc | Office: BacHa Building, 15 To Huu Str, Nam Tu Liem, HN
  • 0242.2371.888

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